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Enjoy Direct Booking from 80+ Airlines WITHOUT:

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Removing friction in Freight Payments

Enjoy real time payments in over 150 countries, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Instant WALLET to WALLET payments to match the pace of your operations and business growth.

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Versatile Payment Options Using

CargoWALLET Web Assets (6)Prepaid Balance

Load funds onto your account in advance to use for various transactions in just a few clicks.

CargoWALLET Web Assets (7)Local Payment Methods

Use preferred local payment methods, with our cross-border and cross-currency capabilities

CargoWALLET Web Assets (8)Direct Credit Card

Pay directly using credit/ debit card via payment links or link your card to your account.

CargoWALLET Web Assets (9)Overnight Bank Transfer

Secure and Effortless - Enjoy direct transactions from your preferred bank account

Know more about our Currency coverage

Important Features


Instant Payments 24/7

Instant WALLET to WALLET payments to match the pace of your operations. And business growth. 


Allows your vendor to receive instant payment while extending your payment term to 30 or 60 days.

Seamless Global Access

With 47+ Currencies & 150+ Countries we have a unique combination of cross-border and cross-currency capabilities. To fully take down trade barriers.

Best FOREX Rates

Transact in your currency of choice and benefit from integrated currency conversions at mid-market rates. 

Pay Per Invoice or Batch-Pay 

Switch between all payment methods on an invoice or batch pay basis.

Automated Notifications

Never miss an update with instant notifications sent to you and your vendors whenever you make any request or transaction.


You can still make payments to another CargoWALLET Account using their payment link!

How to Get Started

Registering your wallet is Free and can be done in a few simple steps. Follow the simple guidelines on the app or visit our resource pages to get more help.